About Us

Our mission is to solve problems through innovation.


Incorporated in 2004, California Media Engineering, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supports professional audio, video, and imaging equipment and software. The company has provided design and support services for some of the most innovative equipment in the broadcast industry. The company has partnered with Ross Video to provide cards for the openGear platform.


The founders of California Media Engineering have 36 years of combined experience in the development of professional video products and software applications for the television and radio broadcast, video and feature film production, and digital photography industries. Previous products have been utilized in Oscar award winning feature films and used extensively in Emmy award winning television series. The founders have been awarded a total of 8 patents for products used successfully in these fields. In addition to broadcast equipment, over the past 11 years the founders have manufactured and sold products used in the 24 frame video and computer playback field of feature film and television production, and have provided excellent, uninterrupted customer support to both Hollywood production studios and the companies specializing in servicing this field throughout the world.

Christopher Gifford

Founder and Director of Engineering Christopher Gifford is acknowledged for the development and support of very unique and important award-winning products utilized in television and radio broadcast and post-production. He has continued to provide support and development services for several of these products through California Media Engineering. Prior to the founding of the company, he has designed, supervised the manufacture, and supported 24 frame playback equipment which has become the preferred standard in that field of motion picture and television production.

Keith Schindler

Founder and President Keith Schindler has successfully run a previous company since the late 90s as an OEM of equipment to the 24 frame playback field of feature film and television production across the United States, Canada and UK. He has also developed innovative image processing software for multiple platforms utilized in worldwide pathology, telemedicine, and and digital photography applications, as well as Hollywood special effects and animation. The entrepreneurial endeavors continue in the broad marketing opportunities provided by products under development at California Media Engineering.